Note Cards

We have provided you with a Hinged notecard as a little tool to build up the body.

Consider these recipients…

Hinged Helpers:

  • Write to each participant before the gathering to let them know you are praying for them and excited to spending time cultivating community with them over the next two months.

Sister Friends:

  • Consider assigning the women a specific woman to write a note of encouragement and place it in an envelope. Encourage them to share a verse from Ephesians they are praying for their sister. Maybe consider sharing why being joined together with that women helps them to be more vitally connected to Christ and His Church. Then at the end of the gathering, pass out the notes and have the women open them and read.

Prayer Partners:

  • Perhaps you encourage women to have prayer partners for the two months and then give them four or five postcards as you begin and encourage them to write their prayer partners several times during the two months.

Senior Saints:

  • Consider writing women who are elderly or shut ins who can’t attend a gathering to remind them they are dearly loved and missed.

Next Generation:

  • Coordinate with youth or children’s ministry leaders to write notes encouraging young women in your congregation that they are not the future of the Church but are a vital and blessed part of the church now.

Church Leadership:

  • Spend an evening writing thank you notes to church leaders and then spend a season of time praying for them. Then deliver the notes to the church office to be delivered to these servant leaders.

Para-Church and Global Church:

  • Consider spending an evening writing notes of encouragement to the ministry leaders and missionaries your church supports.

Note Card:

The image is sized to be copied and pasted so that it can be printed on a 4 x 3 notecard.


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