Feast and Fellowship

Women are hungry for real truth and robust relationships. Hinged@Home wants to help set the table for you to feast and fellowship together. The Word of God and the souls of men and women are the only two things that last forever. We hope this experience will orient your hearts to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb when we will all be Home and gathered together around the Father’s table.

Hinged@Home provides:

  1. Accessibility: Anytime access to content between September 15 and December 16
  2. Freedom: Contextualize these ideas to accomplish your purposes
  3. Flexibility: We provide a variety of formats and ideas to allow you to customize your gatherings to encourage and equip your women.

How will we Fellowship?

Virtually (Via Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype) or Socially Distanced in Person (At Church, In a park, or a friend’s backyard)?

When you register, we will give you Hinged Hints which are creative community building ideas, small group facilitation helps (virtual or socially distanced), and other ideas to encourage and build one another up.

How will we Feast?

Context is key. You know your women and your church best. You know what will encourage and equip them, so feel the freedom to pick and choose what serves your purposes. The aim is that as women meaningfully connect around God’s Word that they will truly, “taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8).” And feasting over a meal or dessert is always encouraged when it can be done safely.

Keynote Speakers:

These Hinged Conference sessions were originally designed to share the gifts and graces of intergenerational women from a geographic region. The first woman would teach a passage from Ephesians 1, and the next woman from Ephesians 2 or 3. The idea being that the women would be blessed by the gifts and graces of their regional women. The final session was to be delivered by Karen Hodge on an overview of Ephesians 4-6. Now you will hear and see women from their own homes. We encourage the Hinged helpers to listen ahead of time and pick three keynote session speakers that they believe will minister the most effectively to their current church context. Remember, you have access to all the speakers so certainly feel free to use them in any way that will encourage and equip your women.

Conversation Starters:

In the original Hinged conference, the conversation starters spoke at an evening called “Come to the Table: An Intergenerational Family dinner. Each region picked the conversations they wanted to have about being vitally connected to Christ and His Church around a dinner table. We encourage you to look to feasting and fellowship ideas to find creative ways to bring women together, whether socially distanced or virtually for meaningful conversations across the generations. These women from all over the country just start the conversation for us. It is our hope that their words fuel your own conversations not only during Higned@Home but in the days and months to come.

Remember it is about FREEDOM, FLEXIBILITY & ACCESSIBILITY. We thought we would use the idea of feasting and fellowship to explain the variety of options. You could host a one-day feast, schedule a couple of meals over the eight weeks with friends, or pick and choose off the ala carte menu. These are just ideas and sample schedules to get you started. We pray God will lead you to create gatherings that will be life-giving for your FAMILY…your women!

Potential Elements:

  1. Feasting: Being fed from His Word and physically (keynote sessions, conversation starters and small group discussion, worship, and prayer…plus any kind of food you want to share)
  2. Fellowship: (Hinged Stories and other community-building ideas.)

Go to Suggested Schedules to see sample schedule ideas.


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