Frequently asked questions

We have found that women desire community and deeper study in God’s Word. When we had to cancel the remaining Hinged Conferences, we prayed about an opportunity that would make the content that had already been planned accessible to both those who had registered for a Hinged Conference, as well as those who wouldn’t have been able to attend. Hinged@Home is the “home” version of the regional conferences. You’ll get the opportunity to hear the same speakers that were scheduled for the in-person conferences, plus more!

All registrants will receive access to a website that will have video teaching from all 6 Hinged locations (you can choose the keynote speakers who were scheduled for your region, any 3 speakers you would like to hear, or you can listen to all of them!). You will also receive access to a variety of short conversation videos about what it looks like to be vitally connected to Christ and His Church led by diverse women from across our denomination on a wide variety of topics with discussion questions included. And we will be sure to include schedule ideas, ice breakers, outlines, discussion questions, and other helpful encouragement.

We are hopeful that churches will use this opportunity to gather their women, either in person or virtually, to continue to study God’s Word using the Hinged@Home teaching.

Yes! By registering, you can have access to all of the content from January 1 to May 31, 2021 so you can watch at your own pace. You may want to connect with a friend or relative who lives down the street or across the country and use the discussion questions together after you each watch the videos.

While the biblical content is the same (the book of Ephesians), there is so much to be learned from these passages. It will prayerfully give you opportunities to go deeper into the book of Ephesians with the opportunity to unpack the implications of these truths at home and in your own local church.

The cost is per person, with a discount to churches who gather 5 or more women to study together. The cost will be:

$24.95/person – Individuals

$19.96/person – Groups of 5-10

$17.46/person – Groups of 11-24

$14.97/person – Groups 25+

If you want to register your church group, you can call Tim Schirm at the PCA Bookstore to invoice the church (rather than paying with a credit card). Tim’s direct line is 678-825-1112.

We have 2500 ESV Illuminated Scripture Journals for Ephesians, which will be sent to groups who register together (while supplies last).

Yes! We would love to have you participate in Hinged@Home, and you can also still do the Bible Study if you would like.

Those who register for Hinged@Home will receive access information to a special website, and access will be available until May 31, 2021.

If you have forgotten your log-in information, please click on “Forgot my Password.” If you don’t have your code for group registrations, check with the person at your church who gave you the code.

To register as an individual, click on the Register button and fill out the information. The cost is $24.95.

You may want to consider gathering a group of friends (either from your church or scattered across the country or world) since there are discounts for group registrations.

If you have a group, go to this link to register. It is the PCA Bookstore and we are partnering together to offer a registration at a special price based on the size of your group. You will be purchasing a set number of subscriptions. Within 1 business day of registering your group, you will receive a coupon code that each of the women in your group will use to register for the conference so they have access to all of the information available to them, as well as receive emails from Karen Hodge with encouragement, more information during the study, and future announcements of gatherings and resources.

For group registrations, you will be paying PER PERSON for the content. If you are planning to have a one-day retreat and 25 women attend, you will need to pay $14.97/person (group rate for 25+). We encourage you to gather a group of women, register each woman participating, and benefit from all that will be offered.

$24.95/person – Individuals

$19.96/person – Groups of 5-10

$17.46/person – Groups of 11-24

$14.97/person – Groups 25+

If you have paid for the group discount but then want to add others to the group, please email Kathy Wargo and she will give you a code for the additional attendees for your group.

Anyone who pays can view the videos. We ask that you be accurate in your payment for how many will have access to the video content. If you paid for 1 person, please do not give your log-in information to someone else.

During these days, we’re learning to be flexible, and so we wanted to make Hinged@Home as flexible as possible for you! The content for HInged@Home Spring Edition will be made available from January 1-May 31, 2021. You can access it any time during those dates. Maybe you want to plan a 1 day event, or 3 Wednesday nights, or Zoom calls. Or maybe you are going to watch these on your own. The choice is yours! We will give you some sample schedules and ideas when you register.

Yes! We would love to have you gather a group and participate in the Bible Study. The books can be purchased from (a downloadable version is also available). The free video content and discussion guides from the Bible Study will remain online at

Please go to While over 2,450 women from all around the world have participated in the Bible study last summer, we know of churches who participated in the Fall, and those who are planning to use the study in Spring 2021 at their churches. The teaching videos and content are available online.

We contacted each local host church and due to Covid restrictions, we were not able to offer the conferences due to greatly limited attendance figures and potential safety of attendees.

The PCA’s Discipleship Ministries is supported by gifts from individuals and churches. You can give to help continue the ministry by going to and make a donation.

If we weren’t able to answer your question here, please feel free to email Kathy Wargo!