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Hinged@Home: Feasting and Fellowshipping with Family

Home…it is where we live and worship, where we know we belong, but it is also our eternal destination. And a hinge is a utilitarian piece of hardware. Its job is to connect two pieces together so that they are made useful. As we bring those two ideas together, consider the impact of hinging with our spiritual family around the truth as we walk together until we get Home. Sheltering in place and unrest in our country have left many longing for meaningful conversations and lasting connections. That is why now, as never before, we need to be vitally connected to Christ and each other as the Church.

A Catalyst for Community:

Hinged@Home sets the table for you and your family to feast and fellowship. Since we can’t come to your town, we want to deliver the encouraging digital content to you in an accessible and flexible format that you can customize to fit your purposes. Who are your people? We encourage you to gather an intergenerational group of women to meet virtually or socially distanced to connect around key truths found in Ephesians.

By registering for Hinged@Home Spring 2021, you will receive access to the video teaching from our Hinged keynote speakers from January 1-May 31, 2021. These speakers come from different places, churches, and generations but are united in their love for Christ and His Church. We will also provide a variety of short conversation videos about what it looks like to be vitally connected to Christ and His Church led by diverse women from across our denomination on a wide variety of topics. Although all of this teaching will be different from the Hinged Bible Study’s video teaching, it will prayerfully give you opportunities to go deeper into the book of Ephesians with the opportunity to unpack the implications of these truths in your own local church. We hope Hinged@Home gatherings will serve to strengthen local churches and increase blessed belongingness.

We are better together!

How Do I Register?

A new Spring Edition of Hinged@Home will be available from January to May 2021. Registration will begin on December 1.

For individuals, click on the “Register Spring 2021” button above.

For groups, see full instructions at Group Registrations and then go to this link on the PCA bookstore site.

Got a few questions?
Here are a few answers…

All registrants will receive access to a website that will have video teaching from all 6 Hinged locations (you can choose the keynote speakers who were scheduled for your region, any 3 speakers you would like to hear, or you can listen to all of them!). You will also receive access to a variety of short conversation videos about what it looks like to be vitally connected to Christ and His Church led by diverse women from across our denomination on a wide variety of topics with discussion questions included. And we will be sure to include schedule ideas, ice breakers, outlines, discussion questions, and other helpful encouragement.

For group registrations, you will be paying PER PERSON for the content. If you are planning to have a one-day retreat and 25 women attend, you will need to pay $14.97/person (group rate for 25+). We encourage you to gather a group of women, register each woman participating, and benefit from all that will be offered.

Here is the pricing structure:

$24.95/person – Individuals

$19.96/person – Groups of 5-10

$17.46/person – Groups of 11-24

$14.97/person – Groups 25+

Yes! Contact Kathy Wargo (kwargo@pcanet.org) for a coupon code for the reduced rate for those who want to join your group after you have already registered.

During these days, we’re learning to be flexible, and so we wanted to make Hinged@Home as flexible as possible for you! The Hinged@Home Spring 2021 content will be made available from January 1 to May 31, 2021. You can access it any time during those dates. Maybe you want to plan a 1 day event, or 3 Wednesday nights, or Zoom calls. Or maybe you are going to watch these on your own. The choice is yours! We will give you some sample schedules and ideas when you register.

Yes! We would love to have you gather a group and participate in the Bible Study. The books can be purchased from pcabookstore.com (a downloadable version is also available). The free video content and discussion guides from the Bible Study will remain online at www.pcacdm.org/hbs during 2021.

More FAQs

This Hinged@Home site and Hinged Conferences are sponsored by the PCA Women’s Ministries, a ministry of the Committee on Discipleship Ministries and is charged by the Presbyterian Church in America with the task of equipping and discipling the churches of the denomination.

12 Week Inductive Bible study on the Book of Ephesians

Designed to complement Hinged@Home

Go to www.pcacdm.org/hbs to access Bible study videos, plus other equipping and encouragement from Ephesians.